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Hi! It is great to have you here. This page is set up for Repeltec partners to get a basic training. We encourage all our partners to watch the videos and read this page to get a good understanding of the products unique selling points. No matter if you are a retailer, a distributor, pest control company or working for one of our import partners, these are the basics that will help you get a first solid grasp of the product lines. For more technical information we have our AFFIX Labs support platform. If you need access to this information ask your contact person.

As not all information might be relevant for you, feel free to skip sections.

Introduction: General Questions

Get answers to some of the most common questions you may have whilst getting to know Repeltec products.

How can I explain Repeltec in a few sentences.

Repeltec is a coating that slowly release a friendly insect repellent into the air, creating an insect repellent bubble that keeps insect out for months at a time.




Since 2020, Repeltec has undergone varied testing and development to create a repellent solution that meets our high standards of efficacy, safety and sustainability. Using the highly effective solution developed through this process, continued testing is now proving the incredible effectiveness of Repeltec on a wide variety of flying and crawling insect species, in multiple settings, and repeated over ever longer time periods. 

Whilst testing can be difficult to film, where possible we have created short videos to show the effectiveness of Repeltec up close.

1.1 Testing Videos

Demonstrations & Lab Test
Repeltec Chemical Repellency
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Repeltec Chemical Test :How it is Tested
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Repeltec Textile Coating Lab Test
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1.2 Lab Images

RTSC Commercial 1L table.png


Chapter 2. Repeltec Surface Coating

Repeltec Surface Coating is a preventative pest control solution that stops insects before they fly into a treated space or crawl across a treated surface. Traditional insecticides are often used reactively after finding pests; Repeltec helps to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Repeltec works by applying a stable coating onto surfaces, that slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe for humans and animals, and can even be used in kitchens.


As this repellent is constantly released, it is always present on coated surfaces and in the air around these surfaces as it slowly disperses, making both coated surfaces and the spaces around a coated surface highly insect repellent.

RT Bubble Animated 5.gif

This results in any area with enough coated surfaces being repellent to crawling insects on surfaces, but also flying insects in the air, and is effective indoors and around coated surfaces in outdoor spaces.

2.1 Where to Use Repeltec Surface Coating

Repeltec is ideal for use indoors to create bug free rooms, and outside areas like balconies, porches, and outdoor kitchens.

Repeltec is ideal for use indoors to create bug free rooms, and outside areas like balconies, porches, and outdoor kitchens.*

Surface Types icons-11.png
Surface Types icons-12.png

*Outdoor surfaces should be under cover

2.2 What insects is Repeltec effective against

Repeltec is continuously going through testing both in laboratories and in the field. We will continue to test against specific insect species to build up the knowledge base, but currently we can confidently state that Repeltec Surface Coating is effective at repelling:

Insect Icons1-17.png


Insect Icons1-19.png

Bed Bugs

Insect Icons1-20.png


Insect Icons1-21.png


Insect Icons1-22.png


Insect Icons1-24.png

Tsetse Flies

Insect Icons1-26.png


Insect Icons1-27.png


Insect Icons1-59.png

Kissing Bugs

2.3 Repeltec Surface Coating Videos