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Repeltec Ant Repellent

Repeltec Ant Repellent

Ant Repellent Spray

Non-toxic way to keep ants out.

Create a long-lasting barrier against ants with our safe and eco-friendly solution. Say goodbye to pesky ant trails and experience a humane solution for a pest-free environment.

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Repeltec does not kill insects it releases a insect repellent typically used in skin lotions.


The spray is certified for use in food environments by the NSF.


It is suitable for use around your pets unlike Permethrin based ant pesticides.


Easy to spray without unpleasant odors.


How our sprays work on ants?

The Repeltec coating confuses and repels ants upon contact. Its innovative formula disrupts their sensory perception, causing confusion and deterring them from approaching treated surfaces, effectively reducing their presence and helping to keep your environment ant-free.

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Repel by irritating ants.


Disrupting the ability to follow Pheromone trails.


Why use a non-toxic ant product?

  • Pet-friendly: Repeltec's non-toxic formula ensures the safety of your beloved pets.

  • No harmful pesticides: Say goodbye to worries about exposing your pets or children to harmful chemicals.

  • Child-safe environment: Repeltec eliminates the need for toxic substances, providing a safe space for children to play without the risk of exposure.

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Cat Peeping at Food Bowl

Around Pets

Keep ants away pet  from food.

Kitchen Cabinet


Prevent ants in your kitchen, spray preventative.

Playing with Wooden Toys

Kids Spaces

Dermatologically Tested.

Bakery Window Display


Stop ants from entering by spraying windowsills.

How To Apply

7 m2 / 100 ml

Make sure not to overspray the coating. It will effect drying times.

Designed For Indoors

Repeltec products are designed for indoors and are not waterproof.

Clean & Dry

Makes sure the space and surface you apply the product on is clean and dry.


Will Janssen

Amazing to finally have a solution I can use in confidence in my kids playroom.

Jenny Chang

I am always careful with my cats. Love using Repeltec Knowing they will be ok.

Boris de Vries

We have been using Repeltec in our restaurant to keep ants off the tables. Great product.

Where to Spray

Spray Repeltec ant repellent to create a barrier that ants will not cross. Repeltec changes the behavior ant patterns of ant colonies and is therefor a more effective deterrent than poisons. Ants are always looking for food by repelling ants and masking their sent you not only prevent the first ant from entering your home, you prevent the rest of the colony following. Cover food and utensils before spraying.

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Stop ants where they crawl such as the sides, fronts, underneath and inside storage such as cupboards, wardrobes and boxes.

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Window Frames

Keep ants out by spraying window frames. Do not spray directly on the glass as this may leave a slight residue.

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Prevent ants from coming in through doors by spraying on and around doors including the door frame. Avoid spraying on the floor as this may become sticky when wet.

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Treat walls where ants may crawl to stop them in their tracks. Avoid over-spraying or spraying on the floor as this may become sticky when wet.

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Spray on places that are covered from rain and where ants crawl. Doors and window frames, on vertical surfaces like walls and pillars, in any cracks or places where pipes or wires enter the building, around outdoor kitchens, and on the underside of tables and chairs.

How it Works

Repeltec Surface Coating is a preventative pest control solution that stops insects before they fly into a treated space or crawl across a treated surface. Traditional insecticides are often used reactively after finding pests; Repeltec helps to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Repeltec slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe for humans and animals, and can even be used in kitchens.


As this repellent is constantly released, it is always present on coated surfaces and in the air around these surfaces as it slowly disperses, making both coated surfaces and the spaces around a coated surface highly insect repellent.

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