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Repeltec Ant Repellent

Repeltec Ant Repellent

Repellent For Clothes & Gear

Non-toxic Long-Lasting Spray.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and dermatologically certified, making it a smart choice for outdoor enthusiasts and the environment alike.

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Repeltec does not kill insects it releases a insect repellent typically used in skin lotions.


Although not to be applied on skin, certified for skin contact.

Child SAFE

It is suitable for use on your childs clothes.


Easy to spray without unpleasant odors.


How our sprays work on Clothes?

Repeltec Clothing & Gear spray works by slowly releasing a substance that insects don't like. When you spray it on your clothes or gear, it forms a protective bubble that keeps insects away, making them less likely to land or bite. It's safe to use and doesn't harm your clothes or the environment.

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Why use a non-toxic repellent?

  • Safe to Use: Repeltec is safe to apply even while wearing your clothing, unlike permethrin-based sprays.

  • Non-Toxic: Repeltec is non-toxic and does not harm pollinators like bees or the environment, while permethrin is a pesticide that can be harmful.

  • No Pesticide Resistance: Unlike permethrin, Repeltec does not create pesticide resistance in insects.

  • Eco-Friendly: Repeltec's active ingredient draws inspiration from natural compounds present in pepper plants, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Hiking Boots
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Dual Action

Repels insects from around treated items and reduces bites.

Up to 40 Days

Still effective up to 40 days after spraying if not washed.

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Dries odourless to create an ECO-conscious insect REPELLENT Bubble


Skin Friendly & Tested with World Health Organisation Guidelines.

Eco-friendly repellent spray that greatly  reduces insect landings and bites Repels insects without harming or killing them. Does not have a negative impact on bee populations or aquatic life. For best effects use with Repeltec insect repellent skin spray.

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Dries Odourless

Does not leave an odour on treated clothes or textiles.


Does not kill bees or build up in the environment.

Camping and Fishing

Fishing Trip

Odorless solution for fishing.

Basket and Wild Flowers

Tick Repellent

Keep ticks off while in long grass.

Couple and Dog on Camping Trip


Spray your gear to keep bugs out.

Wood Bridge Walking


Combine with skin repellents for a allround solution.

How To Apply

7 m2 / 100 ml

Spray an even layer on the item you are looking to make insect repellent.

Apply when dry.

Apply Repeltec on dry textiles to let it dry.


Repeltec needs to be reapplied after washing an item.


Almero Bosch

Repeltec has greatly reduce tick bites for me here at the Greater Kruger park.

Jances Pang

Spraying our strollers for the kids has been a game changer!


Spraying my boots and socks while walking my dogs stopped ticks from latching on.

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Everyday clothes

Protect everyday clothes. Spray the front and back side of T-shirts, Trousers, Shorts, Skirts, coats and other garments. Be sure to spray an thin even layer over the entire item.

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Footwear & Accessories

Make footwear and accessories insect repellent with a single spray. Treat the topside of shoes and ankles of socks, hats, sleeves and other accessories.

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Outdoor Gear

Spray a thin and even layer over bags, tents, sleeping bags, chairs and other outdoor gear to round out the repellent bubble together with your clothes.

How it Works

Repeltec Textile Coating is a preventative pest control solution that stops insects before they land on, fly near, or crawl across a treated textile. Repeltec has been dermatologically tested to show no irritation.

Repeltec slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe around humans and animals.


As this repellent is constantly released, it is always present on coated surfaces and in the air around these surfaces as it slowly disperses, making both coated surfaces and the spaces around a coated surface highly insect repellent.

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