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Repeltec Ant Repellent

Repeltec Ant Repellent

Spatial Insect Repellent Spray

Spatial controlled release repellent.

Your new best ally against flying insects. This product is revolutionary, utilizing a spatial controlled release mechanism to gradually emit Picaridin into the air, forming an invisible, protective barrier against flying insects.

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Repeltec does not kill insects it releases a insect repellent typically used in skin lotions.


Although not to be applied on skin, certified for skin contact.


It is suitable for use around your pets unlike Permethrin based pesticides.


NSF Certified for food environments.


How our pet friendly spray work?

Repeltec Flying Insect Repellent, the product uses a spatial controlled release mechanism to gradually emit its active ingredient, Picaridin, into the air.


When enough of the product is released, it forms a repellent bubble that deters flying insects from entering the treated area. This technology works by taking advantage of the insects' olfactory system, which they use to navigate their environment. The presence of Picaridin in the air confuses or deters the insects, making them less likely to enter the area.

However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of a spatial repellent can be influenced by environmental conditions such as wind flow, direct sunlight, and humidity.

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Create a repellent bubble.
Repels & Reduces Bites 


Successful Application.

  • Amount: Ensure enough product is sprayed into the air to create an effective repellent bubble.

  • Environment: Use the product in suitable environmental conditions. Factors such as wind flow, direct sunlight, and humidity can influence the effectiveness and duration of the product.

  • Spatial Control: Understand that the product works by creating a repellent "bubble" around the sprayed area. The spatial controlled release mechanism gradually releases Picaridin into the air, forming an invisible barrier against flying insects.

  • Reapplication: Depending on the environmental conditions, reapplication may be necessary to maintain the repellent bubble.

  • Safety: Even though Repeltec does not contain harmful ingredients, it's always important to use the product safely. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth, and keep out of reach of children.

  • Coverage: For the best protection, make sure to apply the product evenly across the desired area. Remember, the goal is to create a protective bubble, so coverage is key.

Luxurious Patio
Repeltec Insect Repellent Surface Coating Flying 1L T4.png
Grilling Sausages

Covered patio

Time for you and invited guest.

Inside the RV


Prefer to travel alone?

Vacation Villa


Enjoy a sunset without bites.

Luxurious Kitchen

Open Spaces

Stop insects from flying in.

How To Apply

70 m2 / 1 liter

Make sure plenty and evenly. you need to cover a large surface to create the bubble.

Not Water Proof

Repeltec products are designed for covered areas and are not waterproof.

Clean & Dry

Makes sure the space and surface you apply the product on is clean and dry.


Will Janssen

Amazing to finally have a solution I can use in confidence in my kids playroom.

Jenny Chang

I am always careful with my cats. Love using Repeltec Knowing they will be ok.

Boris de Vries

We have been using Repeltec in our restaurant to keep ants off the tables. Great product.

Where to Spray

Repeltec is most effective when you spray as many suitable surfaces as possible. Because it creates an insect repellent bubble, the more surfaces treated, the more complete the bubble is and the less spaces there are where insects can comfortably stay. 

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Stop flying insects around storage spaces by spraying the sides, fronts, underneath and inside storage such as cupboards, wardrobes and boxes.

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Spray on as many surfaces as possible to create a repellent bubble. Doors and window frames, on vertical surfaces like walls and pillars, around outdoor kitchens, on the underside of tables and chairs, or around spaces where they might hide or land.

Windows & Doors

RTSCF Explainer Instructions 1.2-20.png
RTSCF Explainer Instructions 1.2-19.png

Keep flying insects out by spraying around points of entry. Spray window frames and curtains, doors and door frames. Do not spray directly on glass as this may leave a slight residue.

(Test on a small part of curtains to ensure it correctly dries without residue - wash with soap and water to remove).

RTSCF Explainer Instructions 1.2-18.png

Indoor Walls

Create an insect repellent bubble in indoor spaces by spraying as many indoor walls as possible. Avoid spraying on the floor as this may become sticky when wet.


RTSCF Explainer Instructions 1.2-22.png
RTSCF Explainer Instructions 1.2-21.png

Spray under and around furniture such as sofas and tables, and on textile cushions (test a small area of textile to see if the material will absorb Repeltec - if not, simply wash off with soap and water). Avoid spraying on the floor where you walk as this may become sticky when wet.

How it Works

Repeltec Surface Coating is a preventative pest control solution that stops insects before they fly into a treated space or crawl across a treated surface. Traditional insecticides are often used reactively after finding pests; Repeltec helps to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Repeltec slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe for humans and animals, and can even be used in kitchens.


As this repellent is constantly released, it is always present on coated surfaces and in the air around these surfaces as it slowly disperses, making both coated surfaces and the spaces around a coated surface highly insect repellent.

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