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A non-toxic spray to keep the bugs out for up to 12 weeks.

The Friendly Insect Solution.™

We have developed a new way to dissolve oil in water. (which is otherwise impossible.)

With this patented solution, we were able to dissolve an insect repellent, Picaridin.

We integrated this insect repellent into our proprietary bio-degradable controlled release system.

The result is a sprayable product that can keep both surfaces and spaces insect free for up to 12 weeks.


Safe, Eco-Friendly & Effective.

As a non-toxic, water-based repellent that is safe around people and pets, Repeltec can be used in ways that traditional insecticides simply can’t. Repeltec excels in indoor environments, deterring both crawling and flying insects from entering your spaces in the first place, and is even certified for use in food production environments.

Our approach to keeping insects out of your spaces and away from you, is very different from traditional solutions. Most products kill insects on contact, and do not discriminate between pests and useful pollinators. Repeltec releases a non-lethal compound that irritates insects sensory systems, forcing them to try and get away from treated surfaces and rooms, and preventing biting behaviour.

Partner with us.

We work together with leading companies in pest control and repellents to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals.

Clear surfaces

Clear a Surface

Spatial repellency in homes and rooms

Fills Spaces

Allow to dry

Air Dry

Spray an even layer of Repeltec

Spray a Thin Layer

Controlled release of Repeltec

Controlled Release

Reapply Repeltec every 12 weeks

Keeps Working

Our Scientific Partners


Get in touch.

Non-toxic to kids, 
Pets & Pollinators

NSF Certified for food Environments

Skin Friendly Dermatologically Tested

Non-corrosive &


By slowly releasing repellent molecules in the air, Repeltec creates a spatial repellent effect, actively keeping insects out of spaces.


Besides repelling insects, Repeltec disrupts food finding behavior and the ability to follow pheromone trials. 


Repeltec "clothing & Gear" can be applied to your garment. The product can be sprayed while wearing your gear! 


Repeltec technology can be found in both consumer as well as professional products.


Cockroach Prevention

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