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Does your hotel have a mosquito problem?

Guest are spending a lot of money on their ideal holiday, a nice relaxing day finished on your terras. Then the famous quistion comes to your servers,…. Do you have mosquito spray? Your server comes back with a bottle of smelly deet or a smoking coil in an attempt to drive these little monsters away.

You could try to fumigate or use a paint with Permethrin. But would your customers feel comfortable to know that they could potentially be breathing in toxic fumes?

What if there would be a company that can solve this problem for you. Repeltec has a suite of solutions that will make the experience of your guest and staff the best you can offer.

Repeltec coatings: a clear coating that can be used on almost any surface. You could treat your deck, tiles, chairs and other surfaces to help create a halo effect that wards off biting insects. This coating only needs to be an incredible thing layer to create its effect and does not alter the look of the treated item when done thin enough.

Textile Sprays, treat your pillows, sunblinds and parasols to make the insect repellent. Uniforms, evening sarongs for your guest, will also help to reduce the nuisance of having to chase after that bottle of deet.

Repeltec is the best affordable solution in the market. Repeltec uses Picaridin a non-toxic active ingredient stabilized to last for up to 3 years. it does not kill insects but wards off biting insects like mosquitoes. If mosquitoes do land on the surface their nerve system gets effected and they will not know how to hunt down your guest.

Create a better environment for your guest by using Repeltec insect repellent paints, coatings and textile treatments.

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