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Revolutionize Your Pest Control Business. Repeltec Ant Repellent: Non-toxic, Effective, Eco-Friendly


The pest control industry is continuously evolving, with companies seeking innovative solutions to tackle infestations more effectively and safely. Repeltec Ant Sprays offer a unique opportunity for professional pest control companies to enhance their services and increase revenue by providing a safe and environmentally friendly option to their clients. In this article, we will discuss how Repeltec Ant Sprays can complement traditional pest control methods, highlighting the product's safety features, NSF certifications, and pet-friendliness. Additionally, we will explore how pest control companies can generate an extra revenue stream by incorporating Repeltec Ant Sprays into their services.

Repeltec Ant Repellent Professional Environment

How It Works

Repeltec insect repellent coatings provide a dual-action solution for managing ant infestations without harming these essential insects. The first mode of action is the active repelling of ants using Picaridin, a safe and eco-friendly active ingredient commonly found in skin lotions. This ensures that ants are deterred from the treated surfaces, creating an effective barrier against them.

The second mode of action involves the interference of the ants' sensory abilities. Repeltec disrupts their capacity to locate trails, detect food sources, or recognize other scents. As a result, ants are further discouraged from approaching or remaining in the treated area.

By combining these two modes of action, Repeltec offers a humane and environmentally responsible solution for managing ant infestations while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

Repeltec Ant Repellent Spray non-toxic and does not smell

Safety Features

Repeltec Ant Sprays utilize a sophisticated controlled-release mechanism that gradually dispenses a stabilized, eco-friendly active ingredient called Picaridin. This ingredient is commonly found in skin lotions and effectively deters insects for extended periods. Unlike permethrin and other pesticides, Repeltec is non-toxic to children and pets, making it a safer alternative for pest control.

The active ingredient in Repeltec is a synthetic molecule inspired by compounds present in pepper plants. The product is water-based, and its coatings do not contain harmful pesticides like permethrin. Repeltec does not use nano-scale particles or other potentially cancerous compounds, ensuring a safe environment for families and pets.

Repeltec Ant Repellent Coating NSF Certified

NSF Certification

Repeltec Ant Sprays are certified by NSF International, a globally recognized organization that ensures public health and safety. NSF certification guarantees that the product has been evaluated to ensure its compliance with strict standards for quality and safety. This certification offers peace of mind to pest control companies and their clients, assuring them that Repeltec Ant Sprays are safe and reliable for use in food environments.

Repeltec Ant Repellent Coating safe for Cat environments.

Pet-friendly Solution

Many traditional pest control methods can be harmful to pets, causing a dilemma for pet owners who want to protect their animals while also addressing pest problems. Repeltec Ant Sprays are specifically designed to be pet-friendly, ensuring that they will not harm pets even if ingested accidentally. By offering Repeltec Ant Sprays, professional pest control companies can cater to a wider client base, particularly those with pets at home.

Client Application

Repeltec Ant Sprays can be easily applied by clients when needed, offering a convenient solution for maintaining an ant-free environment. The spray can be applied to surfaces like walls or furniture, creating a repellent barrier that lasts for up to 12 weeks, depending on conditions. This flexibility allows clients to address their pest issues on their own terms, and can be used as an upsell after visiting a private or business client.

Extra Revenue Stream

Incorporating Repeltec Ant Sprays into their service offerings allows professional pest control companies to generate an additional revenue stream. By providing clients with a safe, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly option for pest control, companies can attract a wider client base, or expend revenues in the existing client base, ultimately increasing their profits.

Moreover, when Repeltec can be applied as a service, companies can offer follow-up services to ensure proper application and assess the effectiveness of the product.

Example Cases

  1. Kindergartens and Daycare Centers: Repeltec insect repellent coatings can help keep play areas, classrooms, and outdoor spaces safe and pest-free for young children. By using a non-toxic and eco-friendly product, these facilities can prioritize the health and well-being of the children in their care while addressing pest problems effectively.

  2. Coffee Shops and Restaurants: Maintaining a clean and pest-free environment is crucial for businesses in the food and beverage industry. By applying Repeltec insect repellent coatings in strategic areas like dining rooms, kitchens, and storage spaces, these establishments can effectively repel pests without using harmful chemicals that could contaminate food or pose health risks to customers.

  3. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores: Insect infestations can pose serious problems for supermarkets and grocery stores, where food products are stored and displayed. Repeltec insect repellent coatings can be applied to storage areas, shelves, and other surfaces to create a barrier that keeps pests away from food products, ensuring a clean and hygienic shopping experience for customers.

  4. Hotels and Hospitality: Guests expect a comfortable and pest-free environment when staying in hotels. Repeltec insect repellent coatings can be applied to guest rooms, common areas, and outdoor spaces to keep insects at bay and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Offering a pest-free environment can enhance the guest experience, improve online reviews, and boost overall customer satisfaction.

  5. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is of utmost importance in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Repeltec insect repellent coatings can help protect patients, staff, and visitors from insect-borne diseases and potential contamination. By using a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution, these facilities can ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on the premises while effectively addressing pest issues.


Repeltec Ant Sprays provide a unique opportunity for professional pest control companies to enhance their services and increase revenue. With its safety features, NSF certification, pet-friendliness, and ease of application, Repeltec Ant Sprays can complement traditional pest control methods while offering a more environmentally friendly and safe option for clients. By incorporating Repeltec Ant Sprays into their service offerings, pest control companies can cater to a broader client base and generate an additional revenue stream, ultimately leading to a more profitable and sustainable business.

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