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Repeltec Ant Repellent

Repeltec Ant Repellent

Multi-Insect Dual Action Controlled Release Coating

Allround Commercial


Repeltec Professional Multi-Insect Repellent, your comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution for insect protection. This innovative product employs a unique spatial controlled release mechanism, gradually dispensing a stabilized, eco-friendly active ingredient that repels a wide array of insects including ants, mosquitoes, and ticks. Differing from traditional pesticides, Repeltec creates a protective barrier that repels insects rather than harming them, offering a safer and more sustainable approach to insect control.

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Repeltec does not kill insects it releases a insect repellent typically used in skin lotions.


Although not to be applied on skin, certified for skin contact.


It is suitable for use around your pets unlike Permethrin based pesticides.


NSF Certified for food environments.


How our friendly spray work?

  • Spatial Controlled Release: Utilizes a unique spatial controlled release mechanism to slowly emit the active ingredient, repelling a variety of insects including ants, mosquitoes, and ticks.

  • Eco-Friendly: The active ingredient is stabilized and eco-friendly, offering a safer alternative to traditional pesticides.

  • Non-Harmful: Repels insects without causing harm, supporting biodiversity and a healthier environment.

  • NSF Certified: Holds the prestigious NSF certification as a Nonresidual Pesticide, ensuring safety and quality, particularly in food environments.

  • Dermatest Seal of Approval: Has been dermatologically tested and awarded the Dermatest seal of approval, indicating its safety and skin-friendliness.

  • Nano-Free: Does not use nano-scale particles, eliminating potential inhalation risks and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Pollinator Safe: Does not harm pollinators such as bees, supporting ecological balance and healthy food production.

  • Pesticide-Free: Does not contain pesticides, avoiding contribution to pesticide resistance and negative impacts on non-target organisms.

  • Alcohol-Free: Does not contain alcohol, minimizing the risk of skin irritation and potential damage to surfaces and materials.

  • Non-Flammable: The product is non-flammable, reducing fire hazards and ensuring safe use in various environments.

  • Inspired by Nature: The active ingredient, Picaridin, is a synthetic molecule inspired by compounds found in pepper plants, effectively repelling insects while maintaining ecological harmony.

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Does not kill.
Repels & Reduces Bites 

Create a insect repellent bubble.
Keeping bugs away is often enough.


Successful Application.

  • Amount: Ensure enough product is sprayed into the air to create an effective repellent bubble.

  • Environment: Use the product in suitable environmental conditions. Factors such as wind flow, direct sunlight, and humidity can influence the effectiveness and duration of the product.

  • Spatial Control: Understand that the product works by creating a repellent "bubble" around the sprayed area. The spatial controlled release mechanism gradually releases Picaridin into the air, forming an invisible barrier against flying insects.

  • Reapplication: Depending on the environmental conditions, reapplication may be necessary to maintain the repellent bubble.

  • Safety: Even though Repeltec does not contain harmful ingredients, it's always important to use the product safely. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth, and keep out of reach of children.

  • Coverage: For the best protection, make sure to apply the product evenly across the desired area. Remember, the goal is to create a protective bubble, so coverage is key.

Luxurious Patio
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RTSC Retail Cockroach flr T2.2 R0.png


RTSC Retail Bedbug flr T2.2 R0.png

Bed Bugs

RTSC Retail Ant flr T2.1.png


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Clothes & Gear

Beer Market

Food Court

Stop bugs from crossing over.

In the Classroom


Solutions safe enough for a classroom.

Healthcare Worker with Patient


We will take care of the insects.

Couple Checking In


Stop insects from flying in.

How To Apply

70 m2 / 1 liter

Stellen Sie sicher, dass reichlich und gleichmäßig vorhanden ist. Sie müssen eine große Oberfläche abdecken, um die Blase zu erzeugen.

Nicht wasserbeständig

Repeltec-Produkte sind für überdachte Bereiche konzipiert und nicht wasserdicht.

Sauber und trocken

Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Raum und die Oberfläche, auf die Sie das Produkt auftragen, sauber und trocken sind.


Will Janssen

Amazing to finally have a solution I can use in confidence in my kids playroom.

Jenny Chang

I am always careful with my cats. Love using Repeltec Knowing they will be ok.

Boris de Vries

We have been using Repeltec in our restaurant to keep ants off the tables. Great product.

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Friendly to all
Kills on contact
Creates repellent bubble
lasting environmental impact
Bee & Environment friendly
Creates pesticide resistance
not effected by Resistance
Can not be used in food areas
safe around food areas
limited use for flying insects
flying & Crawling insects
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Shopping at Pharmacy

69% of respondents said they were doing everything possible to minimize their carbon footprint.

Recycling Logo

85% of consumers indicating their decision making has become greener.

Zero Waste Store

66% Of consumers take sustainability into account when taking decisions for home products.


32% of millennials (age <40) purchase a sustainable alternative when available.

Pest Control



Repeltec does a great job at keeping insects away. Flying insects are repelled by surface treatments while spot treatment can get rid of ants and other crawling insects coming in from outside. 

Lawn Spraying



If you have an infestation, you want to prevent moving the problem. By using a pesticide you kill (Most) the insects with a non-residual insecticide. Only use certified non-residual insecticides when safety is a concern like in kitchens, daycares, schools, food processing and manufacturing plants, etc.

Chemical Disinfection



When a client or program requires the long term killing of insects on their premisses you will have to resort to residual insecticides. Use Repeltec as a second line of defense, repelling insecticide resistant insect not killed by the insecticide to achieve better results.