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Repeltec Personal Care (4.4-en) 100ml Skin & Tick Spray table.png

Repeltec Surface Coating
for Flying Insects

Greatly reduces insect landings and disorients them from biting (but does not kill them). Contains IR3535, which is skin friendly and suitable for adults and children aged 0 months and older. More effective and safer than DEET. Tested against W.H.O. Guidelines.

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Based on a natural compound found in peppers

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No Toxic Pesticides needed

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Free from Hazardous Nano Particles 

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Proprietary water-based Technology

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Non-fatal and does not kill Pollinating Insects

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Safer to Make, Transport, and Use

Where to Spray

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Repeltec is most effective in any outdoor situation. And because it is long lasting, the more exposed skin your spray, the better your all day protection is. 

How it Works

​Repeltec is a skin-friendly insect repellent that stops insects before they bite. Traditional insecticides often contain hazardous substances like alcohol, DEET or Permethrin, Repeltec works just as well without them.

Repeltec slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe for humans and animals.

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Developed by 

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Helsinki, Finland

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