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Repeltec Surface Coating
for Ants

Repeltec works great at keeping ants out, by turning them around with a coating that dries odorless onto surfaces and slowly releases a compound that ants really don't like, and keeps working for months.

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Based on a natural compound found in peppers

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No Toxic Pesticides needed

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Free from Hazardous Nano Particles 

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Certified for use in Kitchens

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Proprietary water-based Technology

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Non-fatal and does not kill Pollinating Insects

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Safer to Make, Transport, and Use

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Dermatologically Tested: Non-irritant

Where to Spray

Spray Repeltec ant repellent to create a barrier that ants will not cross. Repeltec changes the behavior ant patterns of ant colonies and is therefor a more effective deterrent than poisons. Ants are always looking for food by repelling ants and masking their sent you not only prevent the first ant from entering your home, you prevent the rest of the colony following. Cover food and utensils before spraying.

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Stop ants where they crawl such as the sides, fronts, underneath and inside storage such as cupboards, wardrobes and boxes.

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Window Frames

Keep ants out by spraying window frames. Do not spray directly on the glass as this may leave a slight residue.

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Prevent ants from coming in through doors by spraying on and around doors including the door frame. Avoid spraying on the floor as this may become sticky when wet.

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Treat walls where ants may crawl to stop them in their tracks. Avoid over-spraying or spraying on the floor as this may become sticky when wet.

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Spray on places that are covered from rain and where ants crawl. Doors and window frames, on vertical surfaces like walls and pillars, in any cracks or places where pipes or wires enter the building, around outdoor kitchens, and on the underside of tables and chairs.

How it Works

Repeltec Surface Coating is a preventative pest control solution that stops insects before they fly into a treated space or crawl across a treated surface. Traditional insecticides are often used reactively after finding pests; Repeltec helps to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Repeltec slowly releases a highly effective yet eco-conscious repellent that is safe for humans and animals, and can even be used in kitchens.


As this repellent is constantly released, it is always present on coated surfaces and in the air around these surfaces as it slowly disperses, making both coated surfaces and the spaces around a coated surface highly insect repellent.

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Developed by 

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Helsinki, Finland

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