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The Friendly Insect Solution.™

12 Week Tested, Food Production Certified Spray, That Keeps Insects Away.

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Safe, Eco-Friendly & Effective.

Repeltec is the outcome of years of research and development in Affix Labs and in partnership with top universities, entomologists and independent testing facilities. This work has resulted in a first in class solution that is perfectly suited to both residential and commercial use. Repeltec does not use the common toxic ingredients found in many pest control products (such as Permethrin), and slowly releases an effective repellent for months that effectively stops insects from crawling across or landing on sprayed surfaces.

Child Friendly

Repeltec has been rigorously tested and shown to have no irritating effect from direct skin contact. Get biting insects out of the spaces your kids use with just a quick spray.

Pet Friendly

Repeltec uses an ingredient that specifically targets insects, and does not repel mammals such as cats, dogs, horses and more. Keep the spaces they occupy free from fleas, ticks and other pests.

Kitchen Friendly

Specifically certified by NFS as suitable for use in food production environments, just clear away plates and cover food, and then spray in the places that kitchen pests like to hide.

Our approach to keeping insects out of your spaces and away from you, is very different from traditional solutions. Most products kill insects on contact, and do not discriminate between pests and useful pollinators. Repeltec releases a non-lethal compound that irritates insects sensory systems, forcing them to try and get away from treated surfaces and rooms, and preventing biting behaviour.

Retail Solutions



Are you a retailer looking to include a truly innovative and eco-friendly insect solution into your portfolio? Look no further! Repeltec offers a unique range of solutions to fit every retailers need. 

Working from home with Repeltec

Unique Innovation


Clear surfaces

Clear Surfaces

Spatial repellency in homes and rooms

Fills Spaces

Allow to dry

Air Dry

Spray an even layer of Repeltec

Spray a Thin Layer

Controlled release of Repeltec

Controlled Release

Reapply Repeltec every 12 weeks

Keeps Working

Government Solutions



Working for the public means making decisions that will improve society at large. By choosing a friendly insect solution you set the course for a brighter future by reducing toxic pesticides. 

Bug free transport with Repeltec

Where Repeltec Makes a Difference

Protect public spaces with Repeltec

Service Solutions

Pest Control

Cleaning Services

For effective pest control you often need a residual effect. Repeltec offers a food environment safe solution that creates a residual effect without using a residual pesticides. Grow with your customers in their Green strategy.

Laundry Services


A New Approach that makes a Trusted Ingredient Work for Months, instead of just Hours


Repeltec in Numbers



Positively impact a billion people by 2035.

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