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The World's Best Alternative to Toxic Repellents

Repeltec is products are based on ethyl but aylacetylaminopropionate, an effective insect repellent widely used in insect repellent lotions and creams. Repeltec has been able to stabilize this active ingredient creating a wide scope of new applications.


When the active is released from the Coating, it breaks down within 24 hours.

Safe for 
Aquatic Life

The coating nor its active ingredients are labeled as dangerous to aquatic life.

Bee Friendly

All Repeltec products are bee friendly and will just Repel insects, not kill them.

What are Repeltec coatings?

Repeltec insect repellent coatings are based on a controlled release mechanism combined with stabilized insect repellent active ingredients commonly used in insect repellent lotions that are applied directly to the skin. Repeltec does not kill insects but keeps them at a distance. If a mosquito or other biting insect would come to land on a treated textile its nerve system receives a sort of flash bang, rendering the insect unable to find where to bite.

Less bugs around

Repeltec shows a large reduction of insects like mosquitoes in treated spaces.

biting insects

If a biting insect would land their receptors get overloaded and a biting insect will not be able to detect its pray. 

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