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How to Use


1. Preparation

  • Clear Surfaces​

  • Cover Food Items

  • Remove Pets


3. Finish

  • Clean from Floors or Glass

  • Wait a Few Minutes to Dry

  • Can be removed with soapy water


2. Spraying

  • Keep 30cm Distance

  • Spray Small Drops

  • Test Small Area First


4. Reapply

  • After 2-3 months

  • Clean Surface

  • Start at Step 1

Spray Repeltec on furniture

Spray under and around tables and chairs to stop ants and flying pests.

Spray Repeltec on walls, doors and curtains

Create a insect barrier by spraying in window sills and on curtains.

Build an insect free space by spraying walls, doors and around entrances.

Get insects out of your kitchen with Repeltec
No more ants around your fridge with Repeltec

Spray behind, on the sides, and under kitchen appliances to prevent cockroaches from nesting.

Get bugs and off your furniture with Repeltec

Protect hotel rooms from bed bugs by spraying mattresses, bed frames, curtains and furniture.

Repeltec stops bed bug infestations with ease
Keep insects out of cupboards and storage with Repeltec

Spray the insides and outsides of cupboards and storage against ants and other crawling insects.

No more insect surprises in bathrooms with Repeltec

Prevent fruit flies and crawling insects in toilets and bathrooms.

Stop insect infestations in your garbage disposal areas
Repeltec keeps trash areas bug free

Keep flies, fruit flies and other insects away from garbage disposal units and areas.

Spray Repeltec on uniforms and clothes to take the insect repellent effect with you

Protect your teams from bites wherever they are. Spray uniforms, accessories, and shoes.

Where to Use

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