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Spatial & Controlled Release Repellency

Through controlled release of Picaridin - an active ingredient typically used in skin lotions - we actively keep insects out of spaces.

NSF Certified

NSF is the globally recognized organization for public health standards. They conduct testing, auditing, and certification, supported by accredited labs, and are amongst the most recognised certification labels in the world. Repeltec's registration on NSF means that it is acceptable as a pesticide for use in food production facilities.

Repeltec is NSF certified for food environments
NSF certified
Use in kitchens


Dermatest is an independent dermatological institute that tests all kinds of substances that our skin comes into contact with, carefully measuring tolerability or irritation from direct contact. Their expansive team of dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food scientists tested Repeltec on healthy skin from various volunteers of mixed demographics. Repeltec caused no reaction or irritation in any cases even after 60 minutes of direct, undiluted contact.

Repeltec is dermatologically tested and does not irritate skin
Dermatest approved


We avoid using nano-scale particles or any potentially carcinogenic compounds.

Repeltec does not contain nano-particles
Repeltec uses proprietary technology to last longer


Picaridin, is a synthetic molecule inspired by compounds found in pepper plants.

Repeltec is inspired by nature and uses an insect repellent compound found in pepper plants
Formulated with care


Creating a Safer Alternative

The future of pest control is safe, eco-friendly & effective.

Repeltec is formulated to be better for the environment

Lab & Field Tested: Independent lab tests certify Repeltec formulas exceed effectiveness standards required.

High tech safer insect repellent, Repeltec

Once released from the Repeltec spray on coating, Picaridin breaks down fast. According to studies, half of the Picaridin gets broken down every 2.3 hours, leaving less than 0.01% after a day.  Compared to the average half-life of permethrin in aerobic soils is 39.5 days, with a range from 11.6 to 113 days. 


Repeltec breaks down in the environment fast, making it safer than Permethrin


Non-Lethal & Permethrin free

Repeltec is safe to use around people and pets
Use on pet beds
Repeltec does not kill pollinating insects like bees

Water Based

Alcohol Free

Water based insect repellent
Alcohol free
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