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Keep Pests Out with a Longer Lasting Repellent

Are pests ruining your peace ofmind? Say goodbye to worrieswith Repeltec slow releaseinsect repellents! This innovative pest management solution involves spraying the long-lasting coating onto surfaces in and around your home or business. The coatings contain an effective insect repellent that isslowly released over time, creating an invisible barrier that prevents insects from coming intotreated spaces in the first place.

The long term repellency is particularly effective because it addresses the root cause of pest infestations. Most traditional pest control methods involve treating the infestation after it hasalready occurred or providing short term protection. This can be expensive, time-consuming,and inconsistent, and can create resilience within local insect populations. With our slow release surface coating, you're preventing the problem before it even has a chance to start. The repellent is applied to surfaces such as walls, floors, in and around storage and on soft furniture, providing long lasting protection. Based on naturally occurring compounds, Repeltec is both environmentally conscious and safe to use around humans and pets, making it an ideal solution for families, pet owners, and responsible businesses. Repeltec provides a worry-free solution to pest management in almost any environment, beit stopping ants and cockroaches on kitchen surfaces, preventing pet beds and furniturefrom becoming breeding grounds for ticks and dust mites, or keeping mosquitoes awayfrom seating areas.

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